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Let's Get Aquainted

Through my early years I hadn’t travelled much overseas, a trip to france with school and a couple of family trips to Germany was about it,  the  latter  is  probably  why  I am  now  somewhat  of  Germanophile,  loving  the  language, the  people  and  the  culture.

As I hadn’t travelled abroad much until recently, I thought I would share my experiences in order help others, well that’s the aim. Providing tips I have picked up on the way. Travel is a very iterative process, each trip builds on the experiences of the others, allowing  you  to  learn and make future trips easier, less  stressful and  more rewarding.

I think a vital part of travelling is trying the local cusine, I don’t see the point in travelling hundreds of miles and eating what you would at home, which gave rise to the title “blogtraveleat”.

No trip would complete with out pictures providing a perfect shot of your experience and an everlasting memory, as well as being proof you have been there, seen it, done it! without the need for a t-shirt, even though I have managed to pick up a couple along the way.

After taking a Travel Personality Quiz, mainly for fun, it turns out that I am “Intellectual Traveller” which  probably  sums  me  up  well.  I  like  my travels  to  be  about  what  interests  me.  I don‘t like group  tours, I  would  rather  wander  around  and see  what  I stumble  upon, sometimes  you  might  stumble  onto  something  unique  and  interesting  which  can’t  be  bad  for  a  conversation  piece, while  giving  you  some  great  insights into your  destination.  That  being  said  I do like  a  good, Plane,  Train or  Automobile museum,  and  if  I  find  one  a Postal  Museum  (postman‘s holiday,  you can  send  a  postman  on  holiday  but  he  will  always  be  drawn  to  these  things)  which  can  be  seen  from  some  of  my  posts.

Thats  about  it  from  me,  let me know now your thoughts (via the Contact page) good or bad, there is no such thing as bad feedback, and  I hope  you  enjoy  reading  my  articles  and  pictures.

Thanks  for  reading,

Colin, CTO (Chief  Travel  Officer)  blogtraveleat